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I am a wife, mother, teacher, and certified macro nutrition coach. I have spent most of my adult life yo-yo dieting and feeling guilt around the foods and treats that I love. I have always lived an active lifestyle, but struggled to achieve the body image that I envisioned, despite regular exercise, dieting, and "healthy eating". 

That all changed when I started a macro nutrition program. This is a proven method with guaranteed results. I was able to reset my body's metabolism, eat more, and lose weight, all without feeling guilty for eating the foods that I love.

I have always had a passion for nutrition and food and I am so excited to combine these passions, with this proven macro nutrition program through Macro X Coaching LLC. I became a certified macro nutrition coach, so that I can help others achieve their body goals and long-term, sustainable results.



I am a wife, mom, and business owner.  I understand what it means to have a busy schedule but also know the importance of putting yourself first. My goal as a coach is to support others in putting themselves first when it comes to their nutrition and their body goals.

My struggle with nutrition and weight loss began after having my oldest son. I was so eager to “get my body back” after baby.  I worked out like crazy and focused on a diet plan that consisted of one meal a day and two meal replacement shakes.  This resulted in having a terrible body image of myself and the need to be skinnier.  I look back at how unhealthy my lifestyle became and knew I needed something that was a long-term plan.
Shortly after having my second child, I found my love for macro nutrition plans and was able to fuel my body all while losing the baby weight and gain muscle.  I continued to see great results and achieved a lifestyle that I knew I could maintain.  Eating the foods I wanted, enjoying the occasional drink and night
out on the town all without compromising my fitness goals or feeling like I fell off the diet plan I had.
Fast-forward to my postpartum journey with my daughter, I knew my fitness goals and I knew how to achieve them.  Working with a macro nutrition program was ideal to begin to lose my baby weight all while fueling my body and my workouts.
Starting a macro nutrition program helped jump start my metabolism and truly set me up for a sustainable lifestyle and a healthy relationship with food.

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