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Macro X Coaching is the best program out there! I have been involved in fitness and nutrition most of my life and this is by far the most sustainable and effective program I have tried! I started with Amber 4 months after my 4th child was born. She helped me lose pounds and inches while not affecting my milk supply, tailored my program specifically for my body and made adjustments weekly to get me the best results possible. She is always available for questions as they arise and offers helpful tips to assure your success. I am thrilled to say that after 5 short months, I am leanest I have been since my early 30’s and all around I feel energetic and healthy! Amber is amazing and I am so thankful to have her guidance! I do and will continue to recommend her and this program to everyone!!!!


~ Michelle~

Fall 2022. Last fall I was frustrated with my attempts to lose weight, so I investigated a program that my step daughter was using. But this program included prepackaged foods with ingredients I can’t eat because of my gluten and dairy sensitivities. So when I read about Amber’s results on her FB page, I contacted her to learn about weight loss using Macro X Coaching. I liked the idea of eating foods I chose and not using prepackaged products. The first thing I learned was that most of my ideas about weight loss were wrong. I had tried avoiding carbohydrates and cutting fats, which wasn’t working. I had tried eating less, which didn’t work either. I immediately began eating more to meet the Marco goals, and started losing inches and weight. My skin cleared up, too. Once you understand the Macros, the program is easy to follow. Support is always available and the apps that help record data keep you on track. I started the program right after Thanksgiving 2021, and I’m proud to say that I’ve lost 13 pounds and more than 17 inches. I’m happy to look in the mirror now! Amber has been very informative and supportive. If I don’t have trouble losing weight at age 77, anyone can succeed with this program.
Update: Late January, 2023: I left Amber’s coaching group in early Nov. 2022 because I had met my goals and felt like my eating habits had changed enough I could continue on my own. I have now lost 22 pounds, wear sizes XS and 2, and stay between 130 and 132 pounds. I continue to record my food intake, but don’t need to hit the targets exactly to maintain my desired weight.

~ Donna ~

I started working with Amber and the Macro X Coaching program when I felt like I was at my most hopeless point. I really wasn't sure anything could make a difference, so with little to no optimism, I decided to do whatever she recommended and let the chips fall where they may. And it worked! She gave me a plan and supported my goals right where I was at, and the weight started coming off. I still get to eat the food I love, feel full, and see results all at the same time. I never ever feel like I'm on a diet - because Amber gives me a plan specifically designed for me. It's never been a "one size fits all" approach, it's a custom tailored, fully-supported plan that builds your confidence and takes all the pressure off of you to figure it out yourself. I can't recommend it enough.

~ Cheryl ~

I’ve been working with Amber for almost 3 months and I’m blown away by her method. I’ve been eating more and weighing less. She has tailored a program based on my needs and my body composition. As a result, I can see my body getting leaner and more defined, as well as my energy levels increasing. I’m so happy for having found her! It is the first time in years that I feel more confident about my body and that I can have a sustainable and healthy eating plan, that fits my lifestyle. Thank you!


~ Ystatille ~

I am soo thankful for Amber and Macro coaching! I’ve tried so many “diets” to lose weight without sustaining results. Many weight loss plans are so restrictive it’s difficult to stay on track. Macro coaching is different because you do not have to exclude any certain food, it’s all about balance. Amber helped guide and encourage me every step of the way! I lost 43lbs in 8 months and could not be happier! Thank you Amber!


~ Suzanne ~

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